Life As It Is

Life happens when you stop searching for “it” in whatever form it pleases you. You are Life. I am Life. In short, We are Life. It isn’t something to be thought through. You live It and It lives through You—always.

So no matter what you are looking for in life, it never fails to come when you let go of the search that started us on the way to begin with. For the search in of itself has no ending just as we have no ending, and nor did we have a beginning for that matter. How then can one search for Life, for that is which We Are, when it has no beginning and certainly no end in sight?!

Sounds simple, perhaps too easy, yes?! Perhaps the best Teacher on this subject is Nature itself. Forget books, wise men, knowledge of old, andĀ evenĀ these words…Nature knows how to Live and Be. And until such time we all trust ourselves enough when we can move past what nature has to show us in Her wisdom; then we can find all the answers within. There’s no better Source than You with You.